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Willowmore Info
Willowmore Information

What to Do

Even though Willowmore is considered the Western Gateway to the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area, a World Heritage Site, Willowmore is a worthwhile destination in its own right. It offers visitors numerous experiences, such as hiking, mountain biking, and 4x4 trails. It is also a popular hunting destination for games such as wild pig, kudu, and springbuck. In town and the surrounding areas, visitors will find lots of things to do and friendly people. You will find several restaurants, coffee shops, 4x4/4x2 tracks, hiking trails, mountain biking routes, bird watching, and historic sites.

The Willow Limo

Donkey cart rides

Enjoy a relaxing donkey cart tour through the streets of Willowmore with The Willow Limo, to be found in the main street.

Number: 082 548 8635

Karoo Angels

Angel Factory

Visit the Karoo Angel distribution depot and shop in town and discover how tiny feather and wire angels, 100% made by hand, could dazzle and charm thousands of people around the world. Karoo Angel Website.

Number: 071 396 1856

Historical Buildings

There are many lovely Historical Buildings in town, quite a few dating back to the 19th century

Number: 083 420 5434


This 9-hole golf course is on the outskirts of town. The greens are grass, but the fairways are gravel. You can use a piece of artificial grass to place your ball on.

Number: 084 360 8380


Pedestrian Bridge

Take a stroll over the iconic 'Rooi Bruggie". The pedestrian bridge was erected over the river and was extensively used when the river was in flood. The road as a ‘drift/ford’ at the time.

Number: 083 420 5434

Pierre Ferreira

Hiking trail

The Pierre Ferreira Hiking Trail takes you through beautiful virgin Karoo veld, past two old forts offering panoramic views over the charming village of Willowmore.

Number: 083 420 5434

Beervlei Dam


Situated 30km north from Willowmore lies Beervlei Dam. Completed in 1957, it was build as a flood control dam on the Groot river, especially for the sake of the farming community in the Patensie area.

Number: 083 420 5434

Historical Graveyards


A must-see in town is the beautifully restored old Boer graveyard with interesting graves dating back to the Anglo-Boer War and the old Jewish cemetery.

Number: 083 420 5434


4x4 Route

Aasvoelberg is located on Finchley Farm and offers guests numerous activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, hang gliding, mountain biking, and 4x4 and 4x2 tracks. .

Number: 044 923 1801


Power Station

The Old Blackstone Power Station was built in 1952 and supplied Willowmore with power until 1984. A key to this facility is available at the Tourism Office in the main Road.

Number: 083 420 5434

Bakers Dam


Bakers Dam was built in 1960 to supply steam locomotives stopping in Willowmore with water.A key to the gate is available at the tourism office in the main road.

Number: 083 420 5434


Freak of Nature

The "Wonderboom" is a freak of nature. Two varieties of small trees grow next to each other. (Ghwarrie or Euclea Undulta and Shepard's Tree or Boscia Oleolides)

Number: 083 420 5434
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