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Willowmore Info
Willowmore Information


There is a fully functional recycling plant on the outskirts of the town, however, the future of this plant depends on the support of the community.

The more we recycle, the less garbage winds up in our landfills and the side of the roads.
We encourage residents and visitors to drop recyclable materials off at the site. Below is a list of materials currently processed there. For more information contact Pieter du Toit at

Below is a list of material that is recycled at the Willowmore plant.

Cold drink and water bottles, cooking oil and wine bottles.
All food and cleaning products like milk, yogurt, shampoo, and Handy Andy.
Bread bags, all plastic lids
20-liter cans like paint and motor oil cans


All cold drink cans
Spray cans (must be empty)

All food tins (must be empty, but not clean)

Irrigation pipes will only be accepted if the owner brings it

The following items cannot be processed at the Willowmore plant:

Plastic crates, furniture, hose pipes, and toys
Polystyrene (fast food containers)
Milk cartons
Copper, brass, and Iron
Electronic equipment like televisions, computers, kettles, etc.

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Number: 083 420 5434

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