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Willowmore Info
Willowmore Information

Pierre Ferreira Hiking Trail

This hiking trail will take you through beautiful Karoo veldt, which is rich in succulents. The circular trail passes two old forts dating to the Boer War.
The Willowmore Town Guards used these forts in 1902 to guard over the building of the railway line to Willowmore.
At the time, the area was full of "Boer Rebels" who threatened to blow up the railway line. While hiking this easy 2-3 hour circle route trail, you will be charmed by the panoramic views of the village and surrounding area, thus experiencing the Karoo in a truly unique way. A person can also opt to hike only up the the first boer fort and back, which will take approximately 1 hour.
It is best to hike this trail early in the morning or by sunset to get a truly unique experience of the Karoo.

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